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ABOUT Nana Dara Is Gay

It's 1973 in small town Texas, and Nana Dara can’t hold her secret in any longer. “Nana Dara is Gay” is about what goes down when a septuagenarian comes out to her step-children: the bible thumping, gin toting Miss Debbie and her “sister who dresses like a mister”, Eddie. This short film is a proof of concept for the limited series based on the novel, SUGAR LAND.

The southern-fried novel, Sugar Land, which has been called “writing at its finest” by the New York Journal of Books and “always surprising and exhilarating” by Booklist, this limited series follows Nana Dara over fifty years as she grows from being a confused young woman working at the Imperial State Prison Farm for men in 1923 - where she meets and is inspired by real life blues singer Lead Belly. Along the way she becomes the feisty lesbian matriarch of a trailerpark of misfits and—to the chagrin of some in her small Texas town—falls in love with the local seamstress, a fellow widower and devotee of Bingo, Mrs. Tanya May Rogerton.

A starred Kirkus Reviews calls SUGAR LAND: "A postcard of small-town Texas life from Prohibition through civil rights, tracing the treatment and awareness of gay people through these decades … a ravishing debut.” 

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